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I'm Melissa. A Web designer and a communicator (I like speaking !).

I am a student of MyDigitalSchool based in Angers. Facinating by the design in its entirety ! And as I love the internet and all its possibilities, I chose to orient myself towards a career of web design.

Now I just have to say you WELCOME in this website !

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my skills

Web Design

During my previous professional experiences I had the opportunity to work for different brands which required various graphic, print and digital creations.

UX/UI Design

My curiosity pushed me to document myself and follow trends in UX / UI design. Then, following a trip to Japan where I was able to live many remarkable user experiences, I took an interest in UX / UI design.

My training allowed me to learn to conduct user interviews, to study and define user journeys. I also learned to carry out studies combining marketing and user experiences in order to offer interfaces that correspond as closely as possible to users.

I would particularly like to develop these skills and put them into practice in business for next years !

Website Design

During my three years at MyDigitalSchool I learned to develop websites, and it’s in front development that I am more qualified. HTML and CSS are languages ​​that I am proficient in, while I am learning JavaScrip.
Currently and since September 2020, I am also developing many websites on WordPress with the Divi and Avada page builders, particularly interesting and powerful tools.

You can see one of my work here : Abeee.fr

Branding & Logo

Graphic design is also one of my skills. Whether for print or digital communication, I design logo, leaflet, illustration and banner etc.

motion design & video

I love motion design, the result of a moving creation is always satisfying and very useful in communication. I am still improving this year by learning different motion design tools and techniques in order to create ever more dynamic and rich animations.

Webmarketing and communication

Also, at MyDigitalSchool I had many modules concerning webmarketing and communication. Courses that I was able to highlight during professional projects where I had the role of marketing assistant or community manager

content creation & social media

Regarding social networks, this is a position that I have practically always embodied during my internships and even this year in work-study program.
In fact, I have been a community manager on numerous occasions, still today at SoftFluent. But also this year when I am in charge of the webmarketing, social media (branded content only) and content creation part for our year project: BienvenueAGaïa

I will notably create different fictional stories around the universe of our video game 

marketing strategy

I have skills in developing marketing and communication strategy. Indeed from my first year internship I had the opportunity to create and propose a marketing strategy composed of strategic, competitive study and business plan.

communication plan

As a community manager and communicator in many ways, I am keen to think and develop communication strategies in line with the objectives of the companies with which I work. Because communication is THE showcase of our brand and allows us not only to show ourselves but above all to stand out.

My Process

define the objectives

Defining the objectives of a project is very important to be sure that we are on the right direction

think & search

Before any creation, and whatever the purpose, I need to make a monitoring to make mood boards so I can be sure to be in agreement with the expectations of the customer


After one or more mood boards and several ideas in mind I embark on the conceptualization of the project


Finally, after a confident and validated prototype I create the final product

some Work

 Website design

HR Onboarding Website Design with Divi

As part of my work-study program, I created a website for our Abeee product with the Divi page builder.
I also created the brand’s logo and its visual universe.

Website mockup

Tiny House Website concept

As part of a web integration course we had to make mockup thought and designed in mobile first in order to then integrate them with bootstrap.

motion Design

Pollination Motion Design

After two years of motion design we had to realize a personal project with a specific goal, educational, promotional for example. In my case, I chose to speak about a subject which is close to my heart and which is very important: pollination.
In an educational way with the children as target, I wrote some ideas and made up inspirational mood boards. Then I started to draw the scenery and I made my story board to then animate the video.

Interested in my profile ?

I am available for a two-year work-study contract
My PortfolioFind me on the internet

« Passionnée de design, Mélissa est appliquée et impliquée dans les projets qu’elle mène. Elle sais déjà se démarquée des autres en ayant son propre style. Mélissa est force de proposition et d’amélioration dans les projets. Mélissa aime le design et cela se ressent dans ses créations !. »

LinkedIn | marionbouvier.fr

Marion Bouvier

User Sucess Manager, Teester

« Ahlala, Mélissa. Un grand profil franchement.
J’ai rarement vu quelqu’un d’aussi sérieux lors d’un projet tout en gardant une bonne humeur qui permet au groupe de parfaire le bon déroulement du projet.
Même lorsqu’il faut prendre de grosses responsabilités ou décisions, Mélissa sait faire preuve d’une grande adaptabilité et cohésion dans ses choix. J’ai souvent été en lien avec elle et je n’ai jamais été déçu. »

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LinkedIn | gwendal.io

Gwendal Paty

Développeur Full stack, Delivagri

« C’est toujours un plaisir de travailler avec Mélissa. Investie, force de proposition, enthousiaste et curieuse, elle travaille avec application et rigueur. Les missions sont effectuées dans les délais impartis et ses productions sont toujours de très bonne qualité. Ses connaissances en marketing renforcent ses propositions graphiques et permettent de donner aux projets réalisés une envergure supérieure à celle que l’on prévoyait au départ. Je la recommande vivement ! »

LinkedIn | paulinebouvet.com

Pauline Bouvet

Concepteur / Réalisateur Web et Digital , CAIB (Groupe Liebot)

« Mélissa fait toujours preuve de créativité et d’enthousiasme dans tous ses projets. J’ai eu l’occasion de travailler avec Mélissa sur divers projets web et son investissement combiné à une vraie maîtrise de la suite Adobe font d’elle une super collègue! Je tiens aussi à souligner son très bon sens relationnel. »

LinkedIn | neooo.fr

Néo Roussel

Webdesigner, FrenchTech Angers