Graduated from my Bachelor in Webdesign at MyDigitalSchool, I am now a freelance web designer and graphic designer. I created my online store PumpkinLeaf Shop where I sell stickers and prints designing by myself.
I am also responsible for communication and marketing / content creator / web designer at Bienvenue à Gaïa, a video game development project set up with a team of versatile digital students. Do not hesitate to follow us on instagram (@bienvenueagaia) and twitter (@BienvenueAGaia) ☺!

I am currently looking for a job opportunity in graphic design, illustration, brand design, motion design !

My skills

During my previous professional experiences I had the opportunity to work for different brands which required various graphic, print and digital creations.

UI/UX Design

My curiosity pushed me to document myself and follow trends in UX / UI design. Then, after a trip to Japan where I was able to live many remarkable user experiences, I became interested in UX / UI design.

My training allowed me to learn how to conduct user interviews, study and define user journeys. I also learned to carry out studies combining marketing and user experiences in order to offer interfaces that correspond to them.

Brand image and logo

Graphic design is also part of my skills. Whether for print or digital communication, I design logo, leaflet, illustration and banner etc.

Motion Design

I love motion design, the result of a creation in motion is always satisfying and very useful in communication. I am constantly improving myself by learning different motion design tools and techniques in order to create ever more dynamic and rich animations.


During my three years at MyDigitalSchool I learned to develop websites, and it is in front development that I am the most qualified.
Today and since September 2020, I have also been developing many websites on WordPress with the Divi and Avada page builders, particularly interesting and powerful tools.

Also, at MyDigitalSchool I had many modules concerning webmarketing and communication. Courses that I was able to highlight during professional projects where I had the role of marketing assistant or community manager

Content and social media creation

Regarding social networks and community management, this is a position that I have practically always embodied during my internships and even this year in work-study program.
Indeed, I was a community manager on numerous occasions, until recently at SoftFluent. But also this year when I am in charge of the webmarketing part, social networks (brand and game content only, my colleague Marion Bouvier is in charge of the team part) and creation of visual content (visuals, videos in motion design) for a video game creation project: BienvenueAGaïa

I will also write different fictional stories around the world of our video game. And I also take care of the SEO / SEA oriented writing of our website:

Marketing Strategy

I have skills in developing marketing and communication strategies. Indeed from my first year internship I had the opportunity to create and propose a marketing strategy composed of a strategic, competitive study and a business plan.

And during the Bienvenu à Gaïa project, I am also in charge of thinking and developing the marketing strategy, the communication strategy (mainly digital) and the content strategy.